Chapter 1061

Colton raised his head. “Dad, aren’t you angry that we’ve caused you trouble?” “Why should I be angry?” Nolan laughed and put down the cup of coffee. “It will be best if you can solve the problem yourself. But even if you can’t solve it, you still have me.” Daisie ran up to him, wrapped her arms around Nolan’s, and grinned. “It’s great that you’re not angry at us. Colton actually helped me today. That bad woman even planned to frame me with a fake diamond bracelet as if I’ve never seen one before this.” Nolan frowned. ‘Why do I feel that this little girl is just connoting herself?’ After the two children went upstairs, Quincy walked in from outside in a hurry and stopped in front of Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann, Hans just called, saying that Elder Master Goldmann has fallen ill.” Nolan frowned. “Does my father know about this?” Quincy nodded. “He already knows. Mr. Goldmann traveled to Stoslo this morning.” Nolan stood up. “Purchase two tickets to Stoslo tomorrow.” Quincy nodded. “Oka

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