Chapter 1064

‘But what can we say? He’s the tycoon of Yaramoor. He’s wealthy enough to wage war on a country without any hesitation. Not to mention that his family is closely connected to Yaramoor’s nobility. So, why would he take a fancy to a woman from our circle? ‘Frankly speaking, marrying a princess might not even be on his to-do list.’ Yorrick apologized to them, walked toward Anthony with a wine glass, and proposed a toast. Anthony was flattered and said with a smile, “Mr. Hathaway, I should be the one who’s proposing a toast here.” Yorrick responded solemnly, “You’re an elder, and I’m the one who wants to collaborate with you, so it’s only natural for me to show you some respect.” Anthony did not say anything more. Since the other party did not care about such trivial matters, he went with the flow and casually accepted his toast. The director standing beside Anthony asked with a smile, “Mr. Topaz, why didn’t your daughter come with you?” Anthony replied, “My daughter isn’t very used

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