Chapter 1072

A hint of recognition flashed across Yorrick’s eyes. “You’re a smart girl, Ms. Mayweather.” It seemed to him that he had found the right person. Xyla lifted her head to meet his gaze. “What makes you think that I’ll help you?” “You’ve helped me once, so I’m sure you can help me for the second time,” Yorrick said as he elegantly cut through the steak. “If you help me this time, I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied with the rewards that you’ll receive.” As he was speaking, he had finished cutting the steak. He switched the plate with Xyla’s and added, “I'll be loyal to you and you alone during these three months. I'll be your boyfriend, and I can help you to get rid of that man.” Xyla looked at the neatly cut pieces of steak on the plate. She rested her chin on her finger and said, “Who told you that I need your help to get rid of that man?” Yorrick chuckled. “According to my investigation, within this month of pursuing you, he was also pursuing that woman as well as his female fans.

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