Chapter 1078

Yorrick pinched the foot of the glass, took a sniff at the aroma of the wine, and smiled. “You’re quite a wary person, Ms. Mayweather.” “I’m in an enclosed room with another man, so how can I not be a little more cautious?” Xyla changed her sitting posture casually and placed her legs on the couch. “I still don’t know your name, Mr. Rich Boy. After all, I have to accompany you and act around you in the coming three months. I have to know at least what your last name is.” He lifted the glass and glanced at her through the transparent glass. “My last name is Hathaway.” Xyla was astounded for a short moment. “This last name actually a thing in Zlokova?” “It seems that you don’t pay attention to the news, Ms. Mayweather.” Yorrick believed she really did not know his identity. ‘If she were trying to play hard-to-get, it would be impossible for her to put such a question forward.’ “I’m not interested in the news.” Xyla flipped through the contract. “Since I’ve signed the contract, it’s

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