Chapter 1081

Xyla stared at the ceiling. “You can take it as a yes.” “I can take it as a yes.” Mindy looked a little confused. “What does that mean?” “It is what it is, literally.” Xyla did not want to explain too much, but she looked at Mindy when she thought of something. “By the way, how’s the crew doing with the investigation?” Mindy replied, “The crew is currently investigating the props. Generally speaking, the props bureau wouldn’t make such mistakes.” Mindy looked incredulous. “Moreover, the real props are only used as decorations. The props master just wouldn’t make such a mistake for the scene between you and Howard.” ‘The fake props used by the crew usually look so real that they might get mixed up with the real items, so it’s inevitable to get them wrong if they’re not appropriately allocated. However, Howard's prop dagger in today’s scene is specially prepared, and it’s impossible for things to go wrong. ‘Unless…’ Mindy was shocked. “Could someone have replaced the fake prop wit

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