Chapter 1085

Maisie hugged Nolan from behind. “I heard that Yorrick is currently in Zlokova?” He placed his cell phone on the table. “That guy had his eyes fixed on the project between Eastwood Enterprise and Tristan and went there to take over.” She was pondering about something while Nolan pounced on her abruptly. She was startled but then placed her finger on his lips. “Mr. Goldmann, you’ve been loafing around and doing nothing a lot recently. All you think about all day long are filthy and indescribable events.” Nolan held her finger. “As long as I have you by my side, I wouldn’t mind turning into a fatuous and mindless man for the rest of my life.” Maisie raised her eyebrows and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Then you better take good care of your Johnson and your manhood.” Nolan kissed her and unbuttoned her. “The eastern hemisphere has a lot of food and recipes that help boost power and stamina in that department. All you need to do is cook some for me regularly, and I’ll certainly

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