Chapter 1094

When Mindy heard their conversation, she looked at Xyla. However, Xyla seemed like she did not listen to what they were talking about at all. She sighed and walked toward Xyla. “Xyla, what’s going on between you and that person?” Until today, Mindy still did not understand everything that that person had said last time. ‘Deal? Xyla isn’t suitable to continue the act with him? Could it be that their relationship is fake?’ Xyla lifted her head and said, “Why are you so interested in the things between us?” Xyla reached out for the fruit tea on the table and took a sip. “In any case, I’ve been single since day one.” Mindy was shocked, “So he’s another j*rk?” ‘J*rk, huh?’ Xyla wanted to say that Yorrick was not a j*rk, but it was a truth that he had a lot of female partners. However, he did not flirt with all women as well. He was rather picky when it came to women, and he had a set of principles that he would follow. Mindy squatted next to Xyla and whispered, “Xyla, let’s find a

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