Chapter 1116

Xyla didn’t know why she had suddenly dreamed of the past. Maybe her brain was almost forgetting, and the memory was prompting her? She looked at Yorrick, “Do you have any requirements for your lover?” Yorrick looked at her pinkish lips. “What do you think?” He wanted to get close, but Xyla put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away. His eyes were dark, and then she slightly turned away. “I threw up last night and haven’t brushed my teeth. I don’t want to disgust you, thanks.” Yorrick chuckled and pressed his warm lips to her forehead. Xyla paused. What was that supposed to mean? Yorrick messed up the top of her hair and stood up. “Rest well.” “Xy, I bought…” Mindy brought some soup into the room and froze when she saw Yorrick as he was leaving. Mindy brought the soup to her after Yorrick left. “Was Mr. Hathaway… worried about you?” Xyla got out of bed and laughed. “He could be worried a few more times. The next time you might just see me in the funeral parlor.” Mind

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