Chapter 1124

Yorrick did not force Xyla to sit closer to him. After all, she was in his car right now, and there was no way she could escape from him. Soon, they arrived in an upscale hotel owned by the Hathaways. Both Xyla and her suitcases were pushed into a room. The bodyguard stood by the door and said, “Ms. Mayweather, if you need anything, just let me know. Enjoy your stay.” The bodyguard then closed the door, leaving Xyla to stand frozen stiff in her room. ‘So, he just sent me to the hotel?’ At the Hathaway mansion, the St. Donnor Estate… “Young Master Yorrick, Mrs. Hathaway is waiting for you in the study room.” The butler stood by the staircase and bowed slightly at Yorrick. Yorrick took his jacket off and handed it to the butler. He took off his watch and went upstairs to the study room. A middle-aged woman was sitting behind the table. She looked like she was in her mid-50s, but since she took good care of her skin, she looked like a woman in her early 30s or 40s. “Mother.” Yorri

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