Chapter 1132

Mandy’s heart skipped a beat, and her smile stiffened. “I’m curious, so I only want to take a look at this young lady’s appearance.” Yorrick flung her hand away and warned her with a domineering glare, “Don’t you ever think that I have no idea about what you and my mother have come up with.” Mandy’s expression changed slightly, but she quickly looked away so that he would not notice anything strange. “Yorrick, you’ve misunderstood me.” Mandy seemed to have seen someone, and a hint of smugness flashed across her eyes. She then raised her hand and waved. “Sherrie.” Yorrick turned his head and looked over. And when he saw the woman’s face, which gradually became clearer as she walked past a street light while approaching them, he froze in place and loosened his arm that was embracing Xyla’s waist. “Sharon...” Xyla turned to look at him and then glanced at the woman whose facial features looked extremely delicate and beautiful. Her facial features seem to have been artificially shape

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