Chapter 1136

Yuna stared at Xyla as if trying to learn something from her expression. Yorrick pushed the bodyguards who were standing outside apart and entered with a stoic expression. “Why are you here?” Yuna looked back at him. “You know why, Yorrick.” Yorrick sniggered. “So you admit that you’ve done something.” Yuna’s eyes flashed with anger. “I have to remove all obstacles for you. If you don’t let her go, I won’t let her have an easy life either.” Xyla was somewhat shocked. What did they mean by ‘done something’? Was the accident the other night not an accident? Yorrick looked at her coldly. After a moment, he walked to Xyla, put his arm around her shoulders, and led her away. Yuna yelled, “Yorrick Hathaway! This is your last chance.” Yorrick stopped in his tracks—the hand around Xyla’s shoulder tightened while he looked back at his mother with red eyes filled with anger. “Go ahead and try.” Yuna’s expression froze. Seeing how Yorrick was going against her for a woman, she look

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