Chapter 1139

“You’re my mother who gave birth to me and brought me up, so I can’t do anything to you. As for my life, all I can do is return it to you.” Yorrick’s eyes were stale. “Mom, out of 37 years of my life, I lived 25 of them under your control. I’ve never hated you because you genuinely love me, but I can’t handle your love anymore. Sharon was innocent. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have fallen for her. "Xyla is innocent. It was my fault for getting close to her. But what did you do? If I destroy myself, will you stop?’ “Yorrick… put the gun down. Listen, son, you’re my life. I can’t live without you—” Yuna shook her head violently. She had never felt suffocated like this. Her son was holding a gun to his own head and threatening her with his own life. Yorrick was quiet. He cocked the gun and was going to pull the trigger. “No!” Yuna’s heart almost jumped out of her throat. “I’ll let you go, alright? I’ll let you go!” she screamed. Yorrick put down the gun, picked up his suit, and rush

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