Chapter 1144

Nolan lowered his head and laughed, “Well, we should let them handle their own stuff.” … One week after Xyla returned to Zlokovia, she received an invitation to a talk show. Everyone knew that the host of the show was a bold one to ask anything. She even asked about her scandal with Yorrick in front of the audience. When the camera focused on Xyla, she fell silent for a few seconds before answering with a smile, “The scandal is real.” The host was stunned. “Really?” Xyla maintained the smile on her face. “Yes. It's just that the relationship between Mr. Hathaway and me is rather complicated, so I decided not to tell anyone about it. The host chuckled and continued. “You really are very honest, Xyla.” Then, she followed up with a question. “So, can you tell us what kind of relationship you and Mr. Hathaway are in right now?” Xyla played with her tassel earrings. She had put on light makeup and was wearing a frost green halter dress. She looked pretty and gave off an elegant au

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