Chapter 1150

Nolan chuckled faintly. “You’ve already given them rings.” “Why should I wait?” Maisie approached him and blinked. “Rather than allowing them to order their rings from another jewelry company, why shouldn’t I make the first move?” Nolan rubbed the top of her head, and his eyes were filled with affection. “Yes, my wife is always right.” At this time, Maisie received a text message on her cell phone. It was from Ryleigh. “Nolan!” She called out his name immediately after reading the message and said with a grin, “You’re going to be an uncle soon!” Nolan hugged her and rested his chin on her forehead. “Nice, and I have another good piece of news for you. Helios has a daughter now.” “The baby is born already?” Maisie was surprised and looked up at him. He responded softly as he fiddled with the tips of her hair with his fingertips. “I just received the news.” Half a year later, in the late autumn… Nolan and Maisie returned to Bassburgh after Soul Jewelry’s branch in Stoslo had sta

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