Chapter 1153

“It was Grandma and Mom’s fault, but are you really innocent?” Hector’s question made Linda’s pupils shrink, and she held her breath. He continued. “You knew what Grandma and Mom were planning, but you got involved, so you were an accomplice.” Linda took a few steps backward, “I… I’m not.” “No one is absolutely faultless or evil, but there aren’t people who are absolutely innocent either. You chose to join Grandma and Mom in framing Maisie, so don’t make it sound like she was the one who framed you back or like she did you wrong. You reap what you sow.” Hector turned around. “Grandma treated Maisie terribly, yet she let her live in the old mansion, and that’s very generous. We have no right to ask for compensation.” “If you have nowhere else to go, I can help you find a place.” Hector left after he said that. Linda leaned against the wall with her head hung low. She was still unhappy about the outcome. What was the point of feeling sorry for her now? Did they think she was a

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