Chapter 1155

Maisie’s eyes turned cold. It must have been Linda! … When everyone from the magazine company saw this breaking piece of news, they were all shocked. “Could it be true? Hector went to prison before?” “He sold drugs and got into fights. He was a thug!” “Don’t judge a book by its cover. Did we really wrongly accuse Mr. Lowe about the watch incident?” “It’s possible. He went to prison before, so it wouldn’t be too weird if he really did that.” The colleagues were discussing when Hector showed up at the door, and then they suddenly went quiet. Hector walked to his desk and ignored everything. He left after taking some documents and saw Liam happily walking toward him when he got to the corridor. “Little thug, how could you still show up here?” Hector ignored him and walked past him, but Liam put out his arm to block him. “Weren’t you so arrogant before this? Why are you trying to run away?” “What do you want?” Hector asked in a low voice. Liam touched his nose, smiled, and put

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