Chapter 1163

Those women could not settle with the idea of letting this matter slide, so they punched and kicked Liam as soon as they saw him. So how could Liam stand up to the beating that those women were giving him? As for the two women who were there with Liam, they had already left the scene, walked to the corridor next to the pool, and reported everything to Maisie, who was standing in the corridor. “Mrs. Goldmann, we’ve completed the task. Those women have discovered Liam.” “Thank you for going along with this play. The payment will be credited to your respective bank accounts.” “Thank you, Mrs. Goldmann.” The two of them left immediately. Maisie crossed her arms and looked through the windowpane to see what was happening in the pool area. Those two gorgeous and seductive women were the extras she had hired. She had asked them to approach Liam deliberately and make him fall for them. Liam would not be wary of any woman who came close to him. It was said that things usually would not end

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