Chapter 1166

Maisie’s expression was cold. “You were born in a family that focused more on boys than girls. You felt that your circumstances were all because of your brother’s existence because your grandmother didn’t care about what was right or wrong and blindly indulged him. “But did you try to change it? You didn’t. You listened to your grandmother about marrying into a rich family. Even if it was your way of getting away from her, you did everything you were told because you wanted recognition. “The change in your mind was to marry into a rich family and get recognition. You’re weak and useless and didn’t want to fight back, so you obeyed. Why do you think you have the right to blame others now?” Linda froze, and her face was ashen. “Nonsense!” “Was it nonsense, or are you refusing to see the truth? You know the answer to that.” Maisie looked at her calmly. “If someone has seen how cruel life can be but chooses not to accept it and continues living in delusion, it’s absolutely stupid and m

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