Chapter 1168

Maisie came to Naomi’s office and knocked on the door. She saw Naomi rubbing her temple in front of a pile of documents as if she had a massive headache when she walked in. Naomi got up. “Ms. Vanderbilt?” “You seem to be in trouble,” Maisie smiled, “Ran out of inspiration?” Naomi lowered her head and nodded. “I’m uninspired. The drafts that I’ve made are… not good enough.” Maisie looked at the pile of paper in the trash and looked at her watch. “Do you wanna go take a walk with me?” Naomi was surprised. Maisie took her to the old street at the back. Old buildings surrounded them, and they all looked old yet elegant. It had an otherworldly feel. The two of them stopped in front of an old jewelry shop called ‘Jewel Attic’. The store had a classic interior. The jewelry wasn’t from any big brands and was mostly priced in the thousands. Naomi looked at Maisie, confused. “Ms. Vanderbilt, what are we…” Maisie smiled and put her arm on her shoulder. “I brought you here to get some

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