Chapter 1172

At the Topaz mansion… Naomi was sitting in the study room with a jacket draped over her shoulder. She had only left a lamp on. The lamp cast a halo of light around her and made her look ethereally beautiful. She was working on her draft on a piece of paper. The sky was still dark and heavy outside while heavy rain lashed against the windows. The pitter-patter sound was loud, but it did not seem to affect her. At that moment, the phone downstairs rang, snapping Naomi back to reality. She put the pen down and walked out of the study room. She then switched on the light in the corridor and went downstairs. She did not know who would call them in the middle of the night, but she had a feeling that it was her father. When she reached the phone, she answered it with a smile on her face, “Dad…” However, the person from the other side said something, and her smile froze. At the hospital… By the time Naomi and her caretaker, Mrs. Irving, arrived, there were two people outside of the e

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