Chapter 1183

Maisie laughed. “As a boy matures, he’ll become very determined and will fight for the things that he wants.” The two doors of the elevator opened slowly, and Maisie walked out of the elevator with Samantha. Both of them were laughing and chatting with each other while they just so happened to run into Kennedy, who was assigning some tasks to an employee. The staff member nodded and left, and he nodded and greeted Maisie when he walked past her. “Ms. Vanderbilt.” Kennedy looked in Maisie and Samantha’s direction and was astonished. He then walked toward them and smiled at Samantha. “Why have you come here on purpose?” Maisie raised her eyebrows. “Aunt Samantha is worried that you’d be hungry, so she especially brought you a loving lunch.” Samantha handed the lunchbox in her hand to him and pretended to complain. “I won’t send another one to you in the future.” Kennedy laughed. “Okay, I’ll bring a lunch box whenever I leave the house.” Maisie glanced at them and felt quite happy

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