Chapter 1186

“Other than engravings, there are silver and gold molding techniques, gem cutting, jewelry inlay, polishing, and so on. Of course, you must also be familiar with 3D and JCAD software technology.” Maisie put her gloves on, “You’re talented in jewelry design, so learning these shouldn’t be hard.” If Naomi hadn’t been hurt all those years ago and given up her admission to the music academy, she probably would have gone into jewelry designing, and these would be part of the jewelry design curriculum. Naomi looked at the rolls on the desk. “Are you going to guide me personally?” “I need to train you well first so that when you’ve mastered the skills, I’ll hire a few more designers, and you’ll be able to work by yourself.” Naomi made a decision, “I’ll learn as much as I can.” After a month, in winter… Maisie was invited to a fashion week event in a different district. On top of the many familiar faces in the fashion industry, there were a lot of celebrities too. Kennedy and Madam Ner

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