Chapter 1197

At Bassburgh, at Soul… Lucy had become even closer to Naomi because of yesterday’s incident. She even sat with Naomi during lunch. Probably because Lucy had always been an enthusiastic and talkative person, and Naomi was a rather introverted woman, their interaction made it look like Naomi was very offhand with Lucy. After finishing her lunch, Naomi left the office restaurant first, and two female staff members approached Lucy. “Lulu, why are you paying so much attention to Naomi? All she’s been doing is giving the cold shoulder all this while.” “You’ve misunderstood Naomi. She didn’t ignore me.” Lucy lifted her head, looked at them, and added, “She’s actually quite a nice person instead of the sort of person that we thought she was.” “But do you know her as well as you think you do?” The female employee looked around and continued. “I heard someone saying that Naomi came to the company in a luxury car this morning, and the man who sent her looks quite old. Not to mention that she

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