Chapter 1200

Lucy explained, “Actually, it’s just that they don’t know you too well. That’s why they think of you as such a person. However, I still want to ask you about something, and that is...” She turned to look at Naomi. “Is your phone really that expensive?” Naomi was dumbfounded for a few seconds. “My phone’s case?” She did not seem to understand why Lucy would pay attention to her phone case and replied, “The phone already came with a case when my dad bought me the phone, and I didn’t ask how much it cost.” “Your dad?” Lucy was stunned. Naomi gave off a helpless look. “Yeah, my dad, my father.” Lucy took a deep breath and realized something in a daze. “So the one who sends you to work every morning is actually...” Naomi lowered her gaze, probably because she had guessed what the staff had been talking about behind her. “Yeah, that’s my father.” ‘So it’s her father!’ Lucy finally felt relieved and laughed. “You’ve really hidden it well. I’m right. You’re definitely not someone that

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