Chapter 1211

Naomi paused for a split second, turned her head, and looked at Francisco, who just so happened to be glancing at her too. She then refuted Lucy immediately. “Nonsense. Where are the similarities? Both our colors look very different, okay?” “Both of you have bright-colored clothing on, while mine is dark-colored.” Lucy grabbed the hem of the front of her black down jacket and covered her chest and abdomen. Before Naomi could say anything, Francisco laughed. “It’s just a coincidence.” After the meal, Lucy proposed that the three of them could go to the movies. And when they got to the movie theater, she skimmed through the several movies that were listed on the screen and decided to watch a horror movie. “Let’s watch this today and make it a challenge. What do you guys think?” When more than two people were watching a horror movie, the atmosphere in the theater would become much more interesting than that of a romance movie. Especially when one was frightened, she could jump into th

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