Chapter 1227

Naomi got up on her own, but her ankle hurt badly after taking two steps forward. Francisco walked over and grabbed her arm. “There’s no need for you to force yourself to walk if it hurts.” Just as she was about to withdraw her arm, Francisco suddenly picked her up in a bridal carry. Naomi was shocked. “You—” “I’ve never seen a woman as dumb as you.” He gnashed his teeth and left the scene with her in his arms The sudden plot twist made Naomi feel extremely flustered, and she did not know where she should keep her eyes fixed on. All she could do was stay in his arms obediently and quietly, listening to her heart beat at an unreasonably fast rate. They came to a lounge that was located next to the banquet hall. Francisco put her on the couch and frowned when he saw that she had been holding her palm. “Open your hand.” She spread her palm obediently, and a few drops of blood oozed out of the wound on her palm. Francisco went out and asked the waiter to get him a first-aid kit. Af

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