Chapter 122

Mr. Goldmann Sr. looked at the three rascals. “Then why doesn’t your mother accept your father?” The three rugrats stared at each other and then recounted to Mr. Goldmann Sr. about their mother’s experience. After listening to their explanation, Mr. Goldmann Sr.’s expression turned a little gloomy. ‘I didn’t care about Maisie’s background, but I only got to know that Maisie is one of the daughters of the Vanderbilts. Although the Vanderbilts are only a small family in Bassburgh, the Goldmanns can still accept her as our daughter-in-law. ‘What I didn’t expect is that my idiot son had actually been blinded and deceived by the illegitimate daughter of the Vanderbilts for six years. No wonder Zee is unwilling to accept my son. ‘This kid deserves it!’ “Grandpa, you do want Mommy to be with Daddy, right?” Colton asked. Mr. Goldmann Sr. snorted. “Of course.” ‘My son has finally met a woman that he likes. There’s no way that I’m breaking them up. In other words, the young lady is the on

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