Chapter 1234

Helios poured himself a glass of red wine. “Barbara is right. You’re pregnant, and your husband has to take care of all your needs already. So just leave Ms. Topaz to the others. Someone else will take care of her for you.” Ryleigh frowned. ‘What just happened? So what if I’m a pregnant woman? I’m worried that Naomi would feel awkward and embarrassed. That’s why I asked her to sit by my side.’ Louis seemed to have sensed what Helios and Barbara meant, so he took a glance at Francisco and Naomi, and then wrapped his arm around Ryleigh, who was sitting next to him. “Helios is right.” Ryleigh elbowed his waist sullenly. Maisie took the wine bottle and poured some wine slowly. “Do you need someone to take care of Naomi? Naomi is the only designer that Soul Jewelry has, so I’ll definitely take good care of her.” Ryleigh thought what Maisie said made sense and stopped worrying immediately. Naomi pursed her lips. ‘I have to sit right next to Francisco, so how can I not feel nervous?’

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