Chapter 124

Nolan held her in his arms and sat down on the chair. “Now tell me.” Maisie no longer had the strength to struggle and could not resist this man’s various tricks. ‘He actually did something so childish to force me to talk!’ She took a break to catch her breath and grabbed his hand for fear that he would tickle her again all of a sudden. “I’ve known him since a long time ago, but I don’t know the relationship between my mother and him.” ‘After all, how would I already know the one thing that I want to find out too?’ Nolan saw that she did not seem to be lying anymore, so his tightly pressed lips were slowly opened as he said, “Don’t you know his identity?” “I don’t care what Uncle Erwin’s identity is. Anyway, he’s the best relative that I could ask for besides my mother.” Although they were not related by blood, she had already regarded Uncle Erwin as her relative, perhaps because he was the only person who could remember that her mother existed. Nolan’s eyes drooped. Maisie did

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