Chapter 1269

“Mr. Hannigan, I’ve followed your request—” Before Pearl could finish, he suddenly slapped her. Her face turned, and she stood there on the spot. The slap wasn’t too hard, but it hit straight into her heart, which was already shattered in pieces. Tanner grabbed her shoulder, pushed her against the wall, and looked toward a certain spot. He grabbed her face to force her to look at him. “Pearl, you’re just a broken shoe that nobody wants to wear, so don’t even think that you will ever escape me!” Pearl’s eyes welled up, but she held the tears back. Tanner looked away from her and pulled her into the elevator. The man who was hiding in the dark immediately walked back into the private room after they left. He walked to Mr. Saldana. “Sir, it looks like the rumors were true. The marriage between the two didn’t work out because he thinks that Ms. Santiago is unwanted. He’s too reckless to make her an escort and even assaulted her outside. He warned that she won’t be able to escape him.

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