Chapter 1290

If only Tanner could have a do-over, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. Meanwhile, ar Morwich… Pearl sat in her hospital room while the doctor removed the gauze wrapped around her face, and the nurse placed a mirror in front of her. She looked at the unfamiliar face that had undergone two surgeries and was badly swollen. The doctor told her, “Ms. Santiago, avoid rubbing your face within the next half a year for optimum recovery.” Pearl smiled. “Thank you.” After the doctor walked out, Pearl looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She would be able to leave her past behind from now on. Three years later… The media congratulated Soul for getting into the top six listed companies of the country. They were only second to the big Taylor Jewelry, becoming the second-biggest international jewelry brand. The jewelry industry was closely related to the fashion industry. Soul had started off by creating custom-made jewelry and had moved onto high-end custom-made, a great improvement.

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