Chapter 1292

“Huh?” Barbara looked at Maisie. Maisie smiled and shook her head. “Nothing.” If she had not had a miscarriage that year, she would have four kids by now. Maybe this was her fate. Until now, she did not intend to have a fourth kid. In the meantime, in the interview room of the Blackgold Group… The female interviewee accurately analyzed the industry data of the Blackgold Group, and her confidence made the three interviewers nod with satisfaction. They flipped across her profile. Cecil Wolfsbane, 29 years old, graduated from a prestigious university in Stoslo with a master's degree in architecture. Her academic background was perfect. An interviewer rose to his feet and said, “That’s all for today, Ms. Wolfsbane. We’ll be in touch with you if you’re shortlisted.” Cecil smiled and stood up. She nodded and said, “Thank you.” After that, she took her purse and left the interview room without turning her head back. At that moment, Quincy came over. He subconsciously took a glanc

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