Chapter 1297

After saying that, Quincy stood with his arms akimbo and complained, “It’s not easy to be someone’s personal assistant nowadays. Delivering food for my boss is one of the errands I have to run while I’m not managing the company for him. And my salary gets deducted instead of increasing…” Saydie glanced at him expressionlessly. “I’ll pass this message on to Mr. Goldmann without leaving out a single word.” “Don’t!” Quincy shut up immediately and then looked around with an aggrieved face. “I was just joking around, Ma’am. I’m begging you. We’ve been working together for three years now. Can we please just live together peacefully?” His gaze then landed on the report and thermos that were in Saydie’s hand. “What are these?” Saydie handed the report to him. “See it for yourself.” Quincy’s expression changed slightly when he skimmed through the report. Saydie returned to the office and passed the report results to Maisie. She also reported to her that she had run into Quincy downstairs

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