Chapter 129

Nolan narrowed his eyes. “What are you afraid of? Everyone knows that you belong to me.” He had made it public, so it wasn’t possible they didn’t know. Maisie pushed his hand away and said proudly, “Can you show me a little respect, please?” She didn’t want to walk around as ‘Mr. Goldmann’s woman’. Nolan’s eyes turned dark. She didn’t really mind how people thought. It was more like she didn’t want to show affection in front of everyone. Why was she ashamed of him? Maisie noticed the weight of the arm and the possessiveness coming from his eyes, so her heart started pounding. Who knew if this man would kiss her in front of the crowd just to show them that she was his? That wouldn’t be ideal. She changed her attitude from being proud to being shy, even a little demure, and whispered, “We’re in public. Could you at least let me look respectable?” Nolan paused. He thought she didn’t want to get close to him in public, but it turned out that she just wanted to look respectab

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