Chapter 1301

“By the way, have we gotten anything back about Linda’s accident?” Maisie got to the point because she almost forgot about it. Nolan got up, walked to the desk, and took out a file. “Linda’s workplace, including the clients she had and her boss, all the information is in here.” Maisie walked over, took the file, and flipped through it. Just as she suspected, the place she had been working at had an illegal backing. It was impossible that Linda didn’t know about it. If she weren’t a willing participant, she should’ve gone to see Maisie when she noticed something was off. Nolan sat on his leather seat. “I’ve asked Tanner to check it out. Coincidentally, that loan company had dealings with his first love.” Maisie paused before she continued going through the information. “Illegal loans, forced ‘naked loans’, exploiting employees. How could a company like this not have been investigated?” Nolan chuckled. “No one did before this, but it’s happening now.” … The loan company was surro

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