Chapter 1306

Maisie frowned. “What kind of a woman?” “I… I’m not sure about it. I was taking care of the kid at that time, so I wasn’t looking. I just heard her voice. She said that she’s Linda’s friend and that she’s here to help Linda get her stuff.” The wife of the deceased thought for a moment and continued. “My mother-in-law received $300 when she came back. She told me that that woman gave her a tip, and my mother-in-law was delighted.” Inside the car… Maisie leaned against the back of the seat with her arms crossed in front of her chest and fell in deep thought. ‘Is the woman who came to Linda’s house Maxine? If it's her, why did she come to Linda's place? To find or to destroy any evidence?’ The landlady had been killed today, and Maisie felt that it was too coincidental. It seemed to her that an invisible hand was manipulating everything from the dark. It was as if the mysterious woman named Maxine was trying to destroy all the evidence against her. The SIM, the things in the reside

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