Chapter 1311

‘She was clearly the party involved, but she was able to make herself sound like an outsider calmly, making it impossible for others to doubt her.’ Maisie took a glance at the rearview mirror and frowned slightly. ‘Isn’t the car behind the one parked outside the police station?’ The other party suddenly accelerated, overtook her car, and was now driving right in front of her car. At that moment, Maisie’s front wheels broke abruptly, and the front of the car got out of control. When it was about to hit, Maisie had to turn the steering wheel quickly, and the body of the car skidded into a sign by the roadside. The sudden impact left a high-pitch hum echoing within her head, and her vision turned blurry as she stared at the vehicle that stopped right next to her car for a few minutes and then drove away. Meanwhile, at Blackgold… Nolan and Quincy came out of the conference room. After Quincy answered a phone call, he caught up to Nolan immediately. “Mr. Goldmann, Mrs. Goldmann has r

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