Chapter 1318

Nolan loosened his tie and calmly said, “No.” Cecile saw that Maisie was upset, so she tried to explain, “Mrs. Vanderbilt, it’s a misunderstanding—” “This is none of your business.” Maisie glared at her. Cecile was happy when she saw that. “How could you suspect him? We’re just working together, and you’re his wife. You should trust him.” Maisie stared at her face and chuckled. “What? Are you feeling bad because of this? You knew that I’m his wife, but if I didn’t show up just now, you’d probably be in his arms already.” Nolan almost smiled, but he kept his composure. “Zee, go home.” Maisie yelled, “Must you keep this woman around!?” Nolan frowned. “This is my office. Don’t make a scene here.” Cecile was relieved when Nolan said that, so she continued. “Ma’am, this isn’t Soul. It’s Blackgold. Please understand—” Maisie slapped her across the face when she almost finished. Cecile turned her face over and looked at Maisie in disbelief. “Ma’am—” Maisie approached her. “Who do y

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