Chapter 132

Willow did not forget to add a sentence. “Don’t be captivated by her lies anymore!” Captivated? Indeed, in her opinion, Nolan had been captivated by Maisie. And Maisie was the seductive vixen who had hooked up with her man and stolen his heart. Maisie crossed her arms, her expression looking indifferent as if the person Willow was talking about was not her. Nolan raised his hand and lifted Maisie’s chin as the corners of his lips twitched slightly. “Is that real?” Maisie did not respond. But in the eyes of all the bystanders, Mr. Goldmann was nowhere near being angry! Maisie sighed. “Yes, I stayed at that man’s place for an hour last night.” Willow did not expect that she would admit it, so she tried to add fuel to the fire. “Nolan, did you hear that? I didn’t lie to you. She’s—” “What did you do in that hour?” “I did everything that was supposed to be done.” Maisie smiled. Everyone present gasped. ‘Is she asking for an ugly death!?’ Nolan pressed his thin lips together t

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