Chapter 1334

When thinking about it, the statement made Maisie shudder. The next day… Quincy went to the Goldmann mansion to report to Nolan, saying that Maxine had been diagnosed with mental illness at the Bureau of Justice and was currently being held in custody. Maisie was astounded when she heard these words. “Mental illness?” Quincy nodded. “It’s said to be intermittent personality cognitive impairment, which is a symptom of schizophrenia.” Maisie pursed her lips and said nothing. Nolan held the back of her hand and looked at Quincy. “If mentally ill people intermittently commit crimes when they’re mentally normal, they should bear criminal responsibility just like any other normal people. This is inevitable. If Maxine wants to use her mental illness to find a reason to defend herself in this lawsuit, I’ll play along with her till the end of it.” Quincy replied, “I‘ve informed the lawyer and will hand the evidence and judgment.” After Quincy left, Maisie sat on the couch and did not sa

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