Chapter 1342

“Tanner—” At Bassburgh’s Private Middle and High School… Just as Daisie stepped into the classroom with her backpack, Leah and a few other seniors approached her. "Daisie," Leah called her out. She turned her head around and frowned. "What do you want?" Leah had been bullying Lisa, so Daisie did not like them. She did not know how she became the vice-president of the student council. Standing with her arms crossed, Leah said, "There is something I want to tell you." Daisie looked at her. "What is it?" "Of course, it's about Lisa." "If it's about Lisa, then you can save your breath." Daisie turned around and walked into her classroom. Suddenly, Leah's voice erupted. "What if Lisa has been lying to you?" Daisie was stumped. She stopped in her tracks and turned her head around to look at Leah. "What are you talking about?" 'Lisa has been lying to me? How is that possible?' Leah knew Daisie wouldn't believe her. She pulled her phone out and logged into her Kontact account. "S

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