Chapter 1350

Quincy pushed the door open and quickly walked up to the desk. “Mr. Goldmann, Mr. Xavier of Beyond Tech Corporation wants to see you.” Nolan frowned. “Beyond Tech Corporation hasn’t been in any collaboration with us before this. What do they wish to bring to my attention?” Quincy shook his head. “I’m not sure. The front desk said they had already been waiting for an hour. It’s said that Beyond Tech Corporation is about to be acquired by another company, and its prospects are looking rather grim, so maybe he’s here to seek some sort of collaboration?” Nolan put the documents on the desk and leaned back against the back of the chair. “A tech company that’s about to be acquired comes to me for a collaboration. What do they think Blackgold is? A charity? Tell the front desk to ask them to leave.” Quincy called the front desk and told them exactly what Nolan said. The receptionists then said something to him, and he looked at Nolan immediately. “Mr. Goldmann, was Mr. Xavier’s daughter

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