Chapter 1352

Maisie smiled. “We have three big spenders at home. Of course I have to help you out.” Nolan looked toward the father and daughter. “My wife has asked me to think about it, so I will.” Edward was very surprised but smiled, “Thank you, Mrs. Goldmann, and thank you, Mr. Goldmann, for giving us a chance.” After Quincy walked them out, Maisie stood up. “I should leave—” Before she could finish, Nolan pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair. “Leave to go where?” She cried, “Back to my office!” Nolan was in heat. “Don’t even think of going back today.” At Morwich… Tanner brought Noah to the zoo. Noah had his arms around his neck while he looked around excitedly. He was curious about all the animals because he had never been to a zoo. He asked question after question, but Tanner answered all of them patiently. Pearl followed behind them. It was the first time she saw her son so happy, so she didn’t want to interrupt them. The zoo was crowded, so she lost sight of T

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