Chapter 1374

Maisie couldn’t help herself and chuckled. “You've even considered your stepfather's actions. It seems like you really want to help her.” Honestly, Maisie was kind of envious that Lucy was willing to help Elaine even though they were not related by blood, and she couldn't help but think of Willow. Willow wasn’t born a bad person. They were related by blood, and Maisie still remembered the day Willow came to her house with Leila for the first time. … Willow was slightly taller than Maisie, and she combed her hair into two braids. She looked shy and bashful. Stephen pushed her forward and introduced her to Maisie, “Zee, Willow will be your older sister from now onward.” Maisie looked at Willow with a slight hostility. After all, her mother had only passed away for less than a year, and her father had found her a stepmother. What's more, this stepmother had brought back an "older sister" for her too. She did not like them at all, so she turned around and ran upstairs. Since then,

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