Chapter 1376

Daisie really didn’t know. The boy smiled and said, “There’ll be a lot of spectators. If you want to come, we’ll keep a seat for you, and it’s going to be a great seat.” Zephir looked toward Daisie. Daisie held Lisa’s hand, “Can I come with Lisa?” The boy was planning to invite Daisie, and he knew who he was asking on behalf of, but when he saw that Daisie wanted to bring her friend along, he hesitated. Lisa noticed something, so she pushed Daisie’s hand away and smiled. “Daisie, you go ahead. I might have something on that day.” “Then I—” “Daisie, please come,” he asked sincerely. Daisie didn’t want to say no, so she agreed. After leaving the library, Zephir and the two friends walked next to Daisie as if they were protecting her. Lisa walked behind them. Everyone was having fun talking to each other, but she couldn’t blend in. When she was spending time with Daisie, it was as if a gem was trying to blend in with mud. Daisie would always shine bright. Since she was born i

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