Chapter 1381

Hector shrugged. “Everything has been fine apart from the difficulty I faced at the beginning because of the language barrier. However, after being there for a long time, I made friends, and things improved over time.” She smiled. “That sounds great. By the way, what’s your friend’s name? You should invite him to Zlokova someday in the future. I’ll have to treat him to a meal for you.” “His name is Eric. By the way, his father used to be a shareholder of Luxella. I wonder if you’d know the father?” Maisie was startled. “Which shareholder of Luxella?” Hector replied, “His father’s name is Harry Knowles.” Maisie was astonished for a split second and then burst into laughter all of a sudden. “He turns out to be Mr. Knowles’ son. Then you’re truly a lucky b*stard.” ‘Mr. Knowles has always been very friendly to others, and his connections in Stoslo are also very strong. The apple never falls far from the tree, so the son that he brought up would naturally be as great as the father. It

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