Chapter 1390

Nolan and Nicholas continued having dinner and didn’t dare say anything. Maisie got up and went upstairs. Nicholas looked at Nolan. “Did you hear what your wife said? You can’t spoil Daisie anymore.” Nolan was casual about it. “You sound like you haven’t been spoiling her.” Nicholas pressed his lips together. That was his granddaughter. They had everything, so there was nothing wrong with giving whatever his grandchildren wanted to them. Daisie did grow up with all the protection they could give, so once she left her safety bubble, she wouldn’t be able to survive. She was naive when it came to worldly issues and didn’t know how to speak to people. She was too innocent, and if Colton weren’t at their school to look after her, she wouldn’t even know that she was manipulated. However, this incident helped her mature a little, or at least she now understood that friendships shouldn’t be maintained through benefits. That would be more of a transaction, and even if it was a transaction, bo

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