Chapter 1393

Daisie was stunned. Leah was right. She had learned about the things Lisa did on her social media platform a long time ago. If she wanted to destroy Lisa, she would have exposed her long ago. “But… Don’t you hate Lisa?” asked Daisie. Why would she keep bullying her if she didn’t hate Lisa? Leah chuckled and replied, “I knew you’re naive, but I didn’t expect you to be this naive. Are you telling me that you still don’t know why I hate her so much?” The reason Leah hated Lisa was that she knew what Lisa had been doing behind Daisie's back. Daisie treated her generously by giving her expensive gifts, yet she posted them all online and told everyone that they were her own. It was not wrong to be poor. However, one should never allow themselves to be overwhelmed by greed and hypocrisy. Lisa had become a celebrity on the Internet with those photos. Even though she had quite a number of fans and gathered some fame on the social media platform, she still acted pitifully and told Daisi

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