Chapter 1395

“Did you order this for me?” Lucy looked at Elaine and asked, her voice thick with disbelief. “Nope. It wasn’t me.” Elaine gazed at her. Lucy picked up the take-out and noticed that there was quite a lot of it. She also saw that there was a note underneath the box. She picked it up and read the message that was written on it. [You need something to replenish your body since you're recovering. I don't know what your taste is like, but this restaurant's food shouldn't be too bad.] Elaine craned her neck forward and looked at the note in her hand. “Not bad.” Lucy pushed her away and crumpled the note. “This is nothing. He’s just taking care of his sick colleague. We all did that all the time.” Hector was very polite and gentlemanly to the girls when he was working in Soul. Therefore, she did not feel that Hector was so nice to her because she was so special. “If I were another person, he would do the same, right?’ … Lucy returned to work the next day. Maisie knew that she had t

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