Chapter 1397

‘They don’t care what they have to do. As long as they get to make quick money, whether the job is illegal or not doesn’t matter to them. They’re in it only for the money.’ Hector was slightly startled. To be honest, he was a little surprised. ‘She’s clearly heard a lot of things, but she’s not asking me about my relationship with them, and she hasn’t changed her impression of me. Instead, she’s trying to persuade me so that I won’t be fooled.’ “You...” Hector glanced at the convenience store opposite the street. “Do you want something to drink?” She was astounded. “Anything will do.” Hector walked into the convenience store and bought two cans of juice. The two sat on the bench by the door of the store as the red neon signboard of the convenience store covered everything around them in red. Vehicles passed by one after another, and there were two or three tables of guests sitting in front of the small barbecue stall. One could almost smell the smell of the city coming from every

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